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Our Name

Pronounced “szz-eh-jee”; the moment of perfect alignment between three celestial bodies, such as that occurring during a total solar eclipse.

“I have witnessed several total solar eclipses and have always been awestruck by this spectacular sight and experience. I am thrilled to have found this fun and unique name for my winery.

The name not only reflects my personal, lifelong interest in space & astronomy, but the concept of alignment is fundamental in our approach to winemaking – different varietals and diverse vineyards blended together in perfect alignment.”

Zach Brettler, Owner and Winemaker

SYZYGY’s metal and bronze sign crafted by local artist Victor Trejo.

Our Winery

SYZYGY produces very limited red wines from vineyard sources expressing diverse terroir, including sites in Walla Walla, Horse Heaven Hills, Red Mountain and the Wahluke Slope. Our bottled wines include a Syrah, a Cabernet Sauvignon and unique red blends (including the more recent addition of Malbec and Tempranillo).

SYZYGY began production in 2002 with 600 cases and has grown to approximately 2000 cases in our current vintages. All wines are made "crush to bottle" at our facility located near the Walla Walla Airport.


Our address:  405 E. Boeing Avenue (at the corner of Boeing & "D" Street).

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Our winegrowing philosophy

We believe that the best wines are crafted through the meticulous management of small vineyard blocks within a variety of sites offering diverse terroir. Our strategy is to procure all of our grapes under long-term acreage contracts thereby having the greatest control and flexibility as to how our fruit is grown. By working with vineyards across multiple appellations we are also better protected from adverse weather occurrences that may impact a particular area during any harvest. We also believe in long-term relationships with growers committed to sustainable, environmentally-friendly vineyard practices.

Our winemaking philosophy

We care for our wines as if they were our own children, nurturing their development without interfering in their freedom of expression.

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